Where can I find my model number?

Fridge – located in the fridge compartment on the left or right hand side wall

Dishwasher – often on either side of the open door or on the frame of the unit

Range – pull open the bottom sliding drawer and it is often located on the frame

Washer – front load – open the door and it is located on the frame of unit.  Top load – commonly located just behind the control panel

Dryer – open the door and it is located on the frame of the unit

There is no power to my appliance, what can I do?

The first thing to try is to reset the breaker.  That often resets the control board to the unit and may quickly resolve the issue.

Why is my fridge not cooling properly?

Check to ensure that items are properly placed in the fridge and not blocking the vents.  If items are too close to the back of the fridge it can block proper air flow and cause the fridge not to cool.

Why is my fridge not making enough ice?

Many factors can affect the production of ice, including: how often you open/close the door, freezer temperature too high, low water pressure, or clogged water filter.

Why are my dishes coming out dirty?

Check to make sure the temperature of the water is at a minimum of 50 degrees Celsius.  Pay close attention to the proper placement of dishes on the racks.  If water cannot reach any part of the dish, it will not clean.

What kind of cookware should I be using on my range?

For most ranges, you can use any type of cookware. For induction ranges you can only use steel, cast iron, and other types of stainless steel cookware.  Copper and glass cookware cannot be use on induction ranges.

Do I have to use rinse aid in my dishwasher?

To achieve the best results from your unit,  it is highly recommended to use a rinse aid.  This will prevent water spots on your glassware and help remove food particles that are left behind.

Why is it taking so long for my clothes to dry?

Ensure the lint screen is cleaned regularly after every cycle.  Also check to ensure that vents are not clogged which would prevent proper ventilation of unit. 

Why does my washer machine have a bad smell?

For front load washer machines, please leave the door open after a wash cycle to prevent condensation that may cause mildew on door seals.

It is recommended to run a cleaning cycle at least once a month.  If your machine does not have a cleaning cycle, look for a cleaning agent at your local grocery store, ie Affresh tablets

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